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“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes

“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes“Size Matters”. Wine for commercial use can be packaged in various size containers; bag in a box, tetra packs and recently there have been discussions for plastics bottles (ouch). The most traditional way to package wine is in glass bottles, from clear to assorted shades of green, yellow and brown glass. Sizes range from 250ml to... Read More »

What is Wine

What is WineWine is made from fermented grape juice. The chemical balance of grapes allows for fermentation without any nutrients or sugars, acids or enzymes being added. Various types of yeast consume the sugars found in the grapes and convert them into alcohol. Various grapes are combined with different yeast strains to produce different kinds of wine.... Read More »


VintagesVintage wines are made from grapes that are exclusively grown in a specific year, and they are labeled this way. A vintage wine’s character can vary yearly with subtle differences in color, palate, nose, body and development. High-quality red table wines have flavor that improves with age if properly stored. Consequently, it’s common for wine... Read More »


TerroisTerrois Terrois or Terreni (territory) refer to specific areas. Is a concept that has several things included like the   grape varieties, elevation and shape of the vineyard, the nature of the soil, climate and seasonal conditions as well as the local yeast cultures.   Varietals Wine is usually made from one or more Varietal of... Read More »


VarietalWine is usually made from one or more Varietal of Vitis Vinifera, such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Merlot. When the predominant grape is one of these varietal in a mixture defined by law as a minimum of 75% or 85%, the result is a Varietal. This is different from a blended wine. Blended wines... Read More »

Super-premium wine

Super-premium wineRare super-premium wine are the most expensive, and outstanding vintages from the best vineyards may sell for thousands of dollars per bottle. Such wines are considered by some to be so good that the demand increases as its price rises. There are several characteristics of highly collectible wines: The ability to stand up well over... Read More »

Tasting wine

Tasting wineWine tasting comprises sensory examination and evaluation resulting in a clarification of their effect on the drinker’s palate. Wine comprises the similar or identical chemical compounds to those found in fruits, vegetables and spices. The sweetness is measured by the residual sugar left after fermentation. It is relative to the acidity present. For example, dry... Read More »

Wine and health

Wine and healthWine can be good for your health if consumed responsibly. European and Italian red wines have the highest levels of procyanidins. These are grape’s seed compounds responsible for heart benefits. Red wines from these areas have between two and four times as much procyanidins as the ones that come from other areas.   Wine and... Read More »

Storing wine

Storing wine  When storing wine is critical to understand that Wine Cellars are designed only for storage and aging. If they are located above ground, they are called wine rooms.  An active wine cellar keeps the temperature and humidity steady with a climate control system. Passive wine cellars are not climate-controlled, and they must be located... Read More »