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“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes

“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes“Size Matters”. Wine for commercial use can be packaged in various size containers; bag in a box, tetra packs and recently there have been discussions for plastics bottles (ouch). The most traditional way to package wine is in glass bottles, from clear to assorted shades of green, yellow and brown glass. Sizes range from 250ml to... Read More »

Valpolicella Ripasso What is it?

Valpolicella Ripasso What is it?A question that is often asked is: What is Ripasso di Valpolicella DOC or Ripassa? A great wine priced between the high priced Amarone and the lesser more popular Valpolicella DOC. Rispasso wine can be of remarkable value and do have impressive vintage potential.   I found this short but interesting description at Consorzio tutela... Read More »

Italian Wine among the worlds finest.

Italian Wine among the worlds finest.Italy’s growing reputation with wine is due not only to the fact that it produces and exports more than any other country but that it offers the greatest variety of types, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style imaginable. In the past it was sometimes said that Italians kept their best wines to themselves while... Read More »

DOCG-DOC-IGT-VT Italian Wine Denominations

DOCG-DOC-IGT-VT Italian Wine DenominationsUnderstanding The Denominations Italian Wine Denominations classification system reflects current realities with four classes of wine: two that fall under the EU category of Quality Wine Produced in a Specific Region (QWPSR) and two under the “Table Wines” category.   The four classes are: Table Wine: VT (Vino da Tavola) – Denotes wine from Italy. This definition is not always synonymous... Read More »

Italian Wine Glossary

Italian Wine Glossary      The following Italian terms may be found on labels or literature about wine.   Abboccato – Delicately sweet. Alcool – Alcohol, usually stated by % of volume. Amabile – Semisweet. Annata – Vintage year. Azienda agricola or Azienda agraria or Azienda vitivinicola – Farm or estate which may not purchase more than... Read More »