Why Italian Wines

Italian wine Ranging from every flavour, colour and style, the Italian wine culture is without doubt the most interesting of all, not only for the genuineness of flavours and ingredients, but also for the folklore that dates back thousands of years. If you like good wine, Italians have all you are looking for. Uniqueness, tradition, value and an industry that has been in the forefront of technology for thousands of years.

Barolo Sarmassa Cru 2008 Marchesi di Barolo (Piemonte)

Barolo Sarmassa Cru 2008 Marchesi di Barolo (Piemonte)Barolo Sarmassa from Marchesi di Barolo, reaches its first signs of maturity after 8 years from the harvest. It continues to mature elegantly for a period of time between 8 and 30 years. The wine is, therefore, colorful, tannic and long-lived.   Product Description Nebbiolo 100% SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS: Deep garnet red. Intense aroma with clean... Read More »

“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes

“Size Matters” Wine Bottle Sizes“Size Matters”. Wine for commercial use can be packaged in various size containers; bag in a box, tetra packs and recently there have been discussions for plastics bottles (ouch). The most traditional way to package wine is in glass bottles, from clear to assorted shades of green, yellow and brown glass. Sizes range from 250ml to... Read More »

Valpolicella Ripasso What is it?

Valpolicella Ripasso What is it?A question that is often asked is: What is Ripasso di Valpolicella DOC or Ripassa? A great wine priced between the high priced Amarone and the lesser more popular Valpolicella DOC. Rispasso wine can be of remarkable value and do have impressive vintage potential.   I found this short but interesting description at Consorzio tutela... Read More »

What is Wine

What is WineWine is made from fermented grape juice. The chemical balance of grapes allows for fermentation without any nutrients or sugars, acids or enzymes being added. Various types of yeast consume the sugars found in the grapes and convert them into alcohol. Various grapes are combined with different yeast strains to produce different kinds of wine.... Read More »


VintagesVintage wines are made from grapes that are exclusively grown in a specific year, and they are labeled this way. A vintage wine’s character can vary yearly with subtle differences in color, palate, nose, body and development. High-quality red table wines have flavor that improves with age if properly stored. Consequently, it’s common for wine... Read More »


TerroisTerrois Terrois or Terreni (territory) refer to specific areas. Is a concept that has several things included like the   grape varieties, elevation and shape of the vineyard, the nature of the soil, climate and seasonal conditions as well as the local yeast cultures.   Varietals Wine is usually made from one or more Varietal of... Read More »


VarietalWine is usually made from one or more Varietal of Vitis Vinifera, such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Merlot. When the predominant grape is one of these varietal in a mixture defined by law as a minimum of 75% or 85%, the result is a Varietal. This is different from a blended wine. Blended wines... Read More »